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Tony Beckerman- Hair & Beauty Product Development

Welcome To The Amazing World of Hair!

Hair is a natural fiber that grows from within the body to help enhance beauty, sensuality and self confidence. What you put onto the hair does make a difference. Shampoos, conditioners, styling products, colors, smoothers and more, can greatly affect the look and manageability of the hair. This is why the products you use or sell should be made of the highest quality ingredients and use the most modern technology available.

TSB-Cutting Edge Resources

TSB-Cutting Edge Resources is where beauty product development is an art as well as a science. At TSB, our team works closely with hairdressers, marketers, chemists and contract manufacturers to develop the exact formulas that work best for you and your company. Whether you want one product or a complete line developed, we can put all the elements together for you at a cost that works within your budget.

You are very welcome to call or contact us and speak directly to Tony Beckerman at any time at: (+1) 561-306-2529 (Pacific time zone)