Tony Beckerman

Tony Beckerman- Hair & Beauty Product Development

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TSB Cutting Edge Resources is a consulting company built on the principles of developing quality hair care products and providing reliable and friendly service at an affordable cost. Our diversified product development service continues to grow by following trends, technology and listening to the customer, while always improving our standards and knowledge. Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients using ingredients that are the best from nature and the latest from science.

Tony S. Beckerman

Tony Beckerman has been a leader and educator within the hair and beauty profession for over 50 years. Originally from London England Tony was one of the original team members for Vidal Sassoon where he started and learned his methods in the early 1960’s. Tony’s haircutting skills have impressed audiences throughout the world. In 1970, Tony was asked to relocate with the Sassoon organization into the USA to help start and teach American hairdressers the (soon to become famous ) Vidal Sassoon Precision System of Haircutting. He travelled throughout the USA and Canada demonstrating his skills in hair and communication to tens of thousands of hairdressers. Tony became the face of Sassoon techniques. He moved from NYC to San Francisco in the middle 70’s to open up the first Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy in America. Tony’s close friendship with Vidal lasted for over 50 years until Mr. Sassoon passed away in 2011. Tony is still as well known as he ever was within the hair world. He has trained and mentored many of the top names in the hair business. Tony is also featured in the Vidal Sassoon autobiography and the Movie Documentary called Vidal Sassoon “THE MOVIE”

Over the years, Tony learned about the chemistry of products so that he could put his hairdressing knowledge into developing hair products that “really work”. Over the past 25 years, Tony has been credited for developing some of the most innovative hair products for many of the top companies in the world. Today, Tony lives in beautiful San Diego County where he and his team continue to motivate and develop for those whose standards are high.